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Centered in Christ

Zion Lutheran School is founded on and centered in the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Nurture each child of God

All children are children of God. We deal with each child as an individual child of God, nurturing them to their full potential in their spiritual, academic, physical and emotional growth. In doing so, we provide each child with a Christ-centered education in all areas of learning.

An arm of the church in witnessing

Zion Lutheran Church’s philosophy is that God wants all people to be with Him now and forever. The school is one arm of the church - a witness to all that Jesus is the Savior of all. (John 3:16)


Working together to make each child a responsible member of the church

The school, church and home work together to teach each child Christian values and morals to prepare them as responsible Christian members of society and God’s kingdom. Each child should realize he/she is a future leader in churches and communities and he/she is truly a member of the church, Christ’s body.

Witness to the world

As the child grows in faith, his/her service to God and others is a witness to the world. (Matthew 28:19)




Zion Lutheran School is a resource to provide a Christian education from a “Lutheran” perspective. When you want to know what “Lutheran” is, you find good help from Dr. Martin Luther’s Small Catechism. It is arranged according to six important teachings from God’s Word.


These are:

The Ten Commandments

The Apostles’ Creed

The Lord’s Prayer


The Lord’s Supper

Confession and Absolution

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