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Zion has three programs that can help families lessen their tuition payments:

  1. Tuition Assistance Fund

  2. The Scrip Program


  • Tuition Assistance Fund

Tuition assistance (based on the availability of funds) is available to those who show need. The Tuition Assistance Fund receives donations from individuals, groups, and businesses, as well as sister congregations. Information and applications are available from the school office as well as in the packets distributed to all families before the start of school.

  • Scrip Program

The scrip program is the easiest and most effective way for families to lessen their tuition payments!  Families can allow local, regional, and national retailers to pay a significant portion of their tuition simply by shopping for gas, groceries, clothing, etc., and purchasing store gift cards (scrip) from Zion.


How do we fund our school?

Members of Zion Lutheran Church support the school through their regular contributions to the church. The congregation views Zion School as part of its overall mission and ministry to its members as well as to the community in general. It is Zion’s intention to provide a Christian education for as many children as possible.


Student tuition covers only part of the school’s financial need.  In addition to the congregation providing substantial financial support for the school, the remainder of the cost is covered by tuition, third-source funds, matching gift programs, and various fund-raising activities sponsored by the School Board.

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