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What is Scrip?

Zion Lutheran School is a non-profit organization that is able to take advantage of the Scrip program. Your family can earn money just by making their regular household purchases.  

Purchase a Scrip card at face value and both the school and your child get a predetermined percentage from that card.  Some businesses donate 3% and others 14%!  It adds up fast!







Getting started



To place your scrip orders, you need to create a ShopWithScrip® account. You will need to enter your organization’s unique enrollment code, contact the office to obtain the code (320) 763-4842 .

This code allows the ShopWithScrip system to link your account activity with our organization. You can also fill out the Scrip Agreement form and submit to the Zion Lutheran School office.


Learn more about using Scrip:

Dining out


Filling up

Potential earnings

Have questions?

Contact School Office


(320) 763-4842


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