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We offer a well-rounded Christian-based curriculum patterned after Minnesota state guidelines.  What we teach and learn is done in relationship to God and His Word. A period of instruction for faith-building and Christian life growth is vital in every day’s activities.  But equally as important is the interpretation of secular subjects in the light of God’s Word and guidance in Christian living.


Standardized testing

Standardized achievement and ability tests are given to students in grades K-8 each year. These tests measure Zion students against a representative national sampling. They are a tool to help us evaluate the student’s year-to-year growth and our program’s effectiveness. 



Zion Lutheran School is accredited through the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation

All teachers are certified and licensed by the Minnesota Department of Education.




School Children

Our Objectives

  • To equip our students to function as living, loving Christians now and as adults.

  • To provide an educationally sound experience in all appropriate branches of learning within a Christian framework.

  • To promote spiritual, mental, social, and physical development through loving discipline, with reverence and respect, in accordance with God’s holy will.

  • To develop the ability to study and find information to increase knowledge, learning and understanding now and in the future.

  • To develop students’ God-given talents for their personal good and for the good of all mankind.

  • To learn to be tolerant, creative and cooperative.

  • To learn limits of behavior regarding safety, health and respect for others.

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