Breakfast is served at 7:40 - 8:05 a.m. each morning.   



A healthy lunch is served each day. The served meal meets government standards for Class A lunch.

Free or reduced

Families may receive free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch anonymously by applying according to the

guidelines (they are not ours, but the state's guidelines that we have to abide by) provided to every family

before the start of school.

Milk Break
Students in preschool and kindergarten receive a free milk for break. Students in 1st - 8th grade who would like
a morning milk break may purchase milk for the year in advance. Students may bring a healthy snack from home. 
Diet restrictions

Diet restrictions may be accommodated.  A note from the student’s physician is needed to provide this service.


Special diet requests

Is lactose-reduced milk available?

A parent/guardian, on behalf of the student, can request lactose-reduced milk. This can be a written request submitted to the food and nutrition services office and does not require a physician’s medical statement. Kitchens order lactose-reduced milk on an as-needed basis.  Note: Substituting juice for milk requires the student must meet the criteria of having a disability that restricts their diet (see special diets below).


Special Diets for students requiring special meals due to disability that affects their diet.

The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) and School Breakfast Program (SBP) allow substitutions on a case-by-case basis for the basic meal requirements if a child is unable to consume the planned meal because of a disability that restricts their diet. Simply request a Physicians Statement Form for Students Requiring Special Meals Due To Disability.  Forms are available from the food and nutrition services office or the school nurse’s office. You may also download a copy below.  The form must be completed by the student’s medical physician and the student must meet the criteria listed on the form to allow Food & Nutrition Services to make meal modifications.  NOTE: NSLP and SBP are not required to make substitutions for meals or beverages unless the student has a disability that affects their diet.  If the student does not meet the requirement (disability that restricts their diet) the parent or guardian should make arrangements to provide meals or beverages from home.  For your convenience, juice and bottled water may be purchased from the school cafeteria. 

 Physician Statement Form  (the Physician Statement form is 2 pages.  Please print 2 sided)


Do I have to eat that?

Zion Lutheran School follows the USDA Offer vs. Serve provision as part of the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. Offer vs. Serve is a provision that allows students to decline one side dish category they do not intend to eat. The provision is intended to reduce food waste in school nutrition programs. It is important to note that schools are required to offer all students all required food items.