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Parent Volunteer Program

Parents have an opportunity to reduce their tuition by up to $300 by participating in Zion’s Parent Volunteer Program.  Parents may volunteer up to 30 hours to the school as part of this program.   Extended family members can help fulfill this volunteer commitment.  For each hour of service, a family will receive $10 off of their tuition up to a total of $300 for 30 hours of service.  The $300 (or pro-rated portion thereof) will be taken off of the final tuition payments of the school year. 


At Zion Lutheran School, we are blessed to have many talented and dedicated volunteers who serve our teachers, administrators, and students in so many ways. There are many ways volunteers can serve at Zion Lutheran School.  These include but are certainly not limited to helping plan classroom parties, chaperoning or driving for class field trips, coaching or refereeing athletic contests, preparing classroom materials (photocopying, cutting etc.), and helping serve lunch.  To carry out specific goals and one-time events such as fundraisers, sports events, and academic events, committees are formed with a chairperson assigned to set up meeting times and coordinate the program or event needs.  Needs are made known through classroom newsletters, school weekly newsletters, and the school’s website.  Please assist where you are able.  





Goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of our volunteer program are to enrich the experiences of students beyond what is usually available in school, to increase our children’s motivation for learning, to bring human resources of the community into the school, and to assist our professional staff with non-teaching duties.

Have questions?

Contact School Office


(320) 763-4842


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