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Every year Zion Lutheran School participates in a Marathon for Nonpublic Education. 

Because of the generous giving in past years, marathon funds have been able to provide money toward the installation of the new fence. This year, the money raised will go toward a portable sound system, filtered water fountains for the gym and lower level, an outdoor play kitchen for the playground, a second scoreboard for the gym, ice skating, PE roller skating unit, and classroom needs. Again, this year, students will also have a chance to suggest items for consideration.

Would you consider helping our school by giving a donation? 

​​​​​​​​Your consideration is appreciated! 

Thankfully yours, 

Zion Lutheran School Students




Friday, September 25th 

Our school goal has been set at 


Have questions?


Mrs. Chorley

Mrs. Roste

Mrs. Rousu

Mr. Mindach

Mrs. Meyer


(320) 763-4842

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