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Children will be admitted consistent with the following priority:


  1. Age (See Below)

  2. Children of Zion members,

  3. Currently enrolled and returning students,

  4. Siblings of currently enrolled and returning students,

  5. Other children of the community.


We feel privileged to have children from the community enrolled to receive the benefits of a Christian education.


Children with significant behavioral, physical, or learning disabilities may be denied admission because of Zion School’s lack of resources to provide for their special needs.



All preschool children must be toilet-trained before the beginning of the school year.  Preschool children must be at least three years old by September 1st for the Tuesday, Thursday program, and four years old by September 1st for the Monday, Wednesday, Friday program.


Kindergarten children must be at least five years old by September 1st and are required to have completed an early childhood screening.

Physical Examinations

Students entering preschool or kindergarten are required by law to have a physical examination and a doctor’s certificate of immunization. Transfer students must also have these documents unless previous school records show that they have had them within two years immediately preceding.


Students in the upper grades participate in extensive physical activity.  A yearly sports physical is strongly encouraged.


Transfer Students

Transfer students will be placed in the grade recommended by the previous school attended. Records will be transferred from that school to Zion.



Notice of the re-enrollment period is made by publication in the school newsletter and the Sunday church bulletin.  Re-enrollment materials are also sent to families at this time.  Registration will not be accepted if the payment of tuition and/or other fees is not current.  Exceptions may be discussed with the Business Manager.


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